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A little about each handmade soap.

All soaps are fragranced with essential oils and contain no plastic, palm oil , or  synthetic colourants .

These soaps can be also be made from Goats Milk.
No soap will be the same and is available from 20 grams to 100 grams. Those on sale in the Shop are a minimum of 80 grams.

 PHOTO SOAPS can be made to your  order by your emailing me a photo  which is then printed on dissolvable paper and inserted into the soap of your choice.  This can be of  a friend, child, family, business logo, animal, place, building; it is endless as to  what can be done to make a very special soap.

Bergamot Soap or Bergamot Goats Milk Soap
Bergamot is a fresh, uplifting, relaxing and happy smell. The scent of the oil is basically citrus, fruity with a warm spicy floral quality.

Cedarwood Atlas Soap or Cedarwood Atlas Goats Milk Soap.
 A woody, Balsomic aroma with  smoky undertones. It’s said to have a calming, soothing effect on the mind and body.

Lavender Soap or Lavender Goats Milk Soap.
 Has a sweet, floral, but a crisp herbal scent with a balsamic undertone. It is relaxing and soothing.

Lime Soap or Lime Goats Milk Soap.
Refreshing and Zesty, clean, clear and sharp smelling.

May Chang Soap or May Chang Goats Milk Soap.
 Sweet, fruity, intensely lemony.

Orange 5 Fold Soap or Orange 5 Fold Goats Milk Soap.
Has a crisp, rosy, lifting, rich and harmonising scent to it.

Spearmint Soap or Spearmint Goats Milk Soap.
A delicious sweet, soft, fresh, refreshing, energising and minty aroma .

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